Harlen O’Keeffe is a young, innovative company focused on providing data-driven solutions to the Australian market.



Data Collection

 Are you making use of the latest, smartest advances in data collection and storage technology?

High quality decisions need to be backed up by high quality data. Find out how Harlen O’Keeffe can create a data collection solution to meet your information needs and budget.

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Operations Research

Are your operations and processes sucking the life out of your business?

Key activities and resources in your business may be operating well below their optimal levels. Let Harlen O’Keeffe reduce your operational costs by optimising your inventory, production and planning.

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UX Study-Design & Analysis

Are you quantifying your product/service’s user experience?

At Harlen O’Keeffe we specialise in the study-design and statistical analysis of UX testing. Learn how our services can optimise the insights of your UX testing for the smallest cost possible; giving you the best evidence to create the best UX.

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Harlen O’Keeffe – Specialising in UX Study-Design & Analysis, Operations Research and Data Collection Solutions.